Well Christmas is here, done and dusted. My Xmas was spent with those that mean everything to me, my wife and two children (even if the kids slept most of the day, they are teenagers). Thanks to you all for dropping by and having a read. I haven’t posted much lately sorry but I have been busy with things around the house. Mew fence, car, shade sails and grass all been added in the last few months to our home so it is nearly complete. Must mean it is nearly time to sell and move on, it is what we seem to do. No, not this time. Not this house. A few more years here and the kids will be grown and gone to uni or jobs. A couple more years just the wife and I enjoying our time alone and then one more house to build. One more house to retire into and live the rest of our dreams in.

I hope you all have a merry xmas and a happy and safe new year. I will be getting back to a couple of posts I have been working on for this blog as well as my novel in the new year and I even told the wife I will get back out and do some exercise again so that I do not end up puffing as I climb the stairs. I am really out of….. I was going to say shape but round is a shape. I am so unfit. 2015 HAS to be better then 14. Be safe everyone and stay happy.