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“Hughes lets Rip!”. “Hughes calls Hinch a W$&@er!” National headlines yesterday after Monday nights episode of Q&A on the ABC where comedian Dave Hughes called commentator Derryn Hinch a wanker.

Why the profanity? The panel was discussing the Australian Prime Minister chugging a beer and the message it gave to binge drinking. Hughesy was talking about how (beer drinkers and spirit) drinkers drink to get drunk not for the taste of the alcohol, in his typical larrikin way, when Hinch stated he drank wine as he liked the taste. Hughes, in my opinion, replies what everyone who doesn’t drink wine thinks of wine drinkers, “yes but you’re a wanker.”. Why do us none wine drinkers think that? To me wine is a “rich persons” drink. they drink it with a hint of wankerey. Of course this is not true, it is just a years old Aussie beer drinking perception and thus a cause for jocularity. Hughesy, to my observation, meant no ill will to Hinch and Hinch reply of “It takes one to know one.” was a typical, if some what lame, comeback. The next morning they were both on local radio wondering what all the fuss was about.

The fuss was about selling newspapers and TV ad spots. Media it seems had nothing better to report on so they sensationalized the story and gave a brief cover of the events without giving the full context of the statement. Did it work for them? Well I am here talking about it and you are reading about it.

As for the PM drinking a beer, well I think he is more of a wine drinker myself and like Hughesy said………