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I remember watching this on tv when it happened. I was scared, I grew up under the threat of nuclear war and now it seemed unlikely to happen but what now? Now we are still the same, wars happen and tensions rise. But the wall came down? No more war, right? Just as WWI was meant to be the war to end all wars, the end of the cold war didn’t mean no more war. It is, unfortunately, human nature. For as long as there has been man there has been war. So how do we end wars? End man? The cold war made that threat. No. We do not need to end man, we just need to end the way we think. War occurs when men disagree on something, be it land, assets or beliefs. Power, power over land, assets or beliefs. Should men have such power? Should women? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolute. Modern countries need to realise that one person should never have total control. A lot of countries understand this with the way they have set up their governments. However even the great shining light of democracy seems to forget that from time to time. Even thou term limits are in place for some political positions, some aren’t and some just end up with a family running again and again. My own country a few years ago voted in most of the same members from the party they threw out less than six years before. Like the arab spring in the middle east of recent years, we need a new spring in the western countries too. Capitalism is running us all and democracy is becoming a thing of the pass like the Wall. Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Labor, we need don’t seem to have much of a choice especially when the other little parties just don’t seem a good choice. BUT when they are the only other choice between the same old same old and a new future, maybe we should give them a go. Even if it is to shake up the “usual suspects”.