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So my last post was bout a new year and a new me.  Well as usual I meant well and I really thought I could get a good start this time. Alas life says other wise. So far I have spent two weeks in hospital for two different things but they may be related, they are not sure what it is.  What this time HAS taught me is that our medical staff, especially nurses, are very over worked and under paid.  The whole time i was in there they did not stop working, some doing 12 hour shifts and others  doing two out of three shifts a day.  They are highly trained people and deserve to be paid for their skills.  The government needs to seriously look at wages acrosss the nation.  They are trying to get the budget back in the black by adding new taxes.  What they need to do is fix the wrongs in the tax system and get the right tax from EVERYONE, and then they can pay our public servents what they deserve.