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why do i have to change? why is it my problem? things that trigger me are allowed to stay but i have to ignore them? how about those triggers fucking change? how about those that spark me off realise that they are causing this…how about they stop and think and change so i dont get fucked up? is it to much to ask? it is little things that get to me. i am told dont let the little thing bother you but when a little shit starts to pile up soon you are neck deep and trying to survive. why is it i have to be considerate of others when they are not of me? todays world has been fed “you can do anything” and ” you are special, dont worry about other, do what you want” to a point were no one cares about others. it is all about me. well guess what. i can be like that to so fuck you all. i am what i am and if that seems fucked up to you the fuck off and live your life and leave me to mine. i am special. i can do anything and i dont give a fuck about others.